Did you know a condominium is a type of ownership NOT a style of property?

Posted on Jun 01, 2023

Here's what I mean:

Just because a property is connected to another property doesn't make it a condominium.

Just because a property is connected to multiple properties doesn't make it a condominium.

The opposite is also true when seeing a stand alone property. 

Even if the property is not connected to anything, it could still be a registered condominium...

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How to create storage in a small home

Posted on May 25, 2023

You're going to end up using a lot of unnecessary floor space if you don't have dedicated storage space.

This could cause you to feel claustrophobic. 

It could even make you feel unhappy in your home.
Decluttering is your first step. 

Do you really need all the knick knacks that you haven't used in years? 

To help minimize future decluttering you want to b...

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Buyer/owner: It’s my house, I'll do what I want with it!

Posted on May 11, 2023

Well, sort of. On the interior maybe, depending on the property type... You can paint, change finishings in mostly all property types.

If it's a condominium, you need board approval before doing anything outside of paint on the walls.

Apartment condominiums even have their own rules on the type of flooring and installation requirements you can use fo...

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Moving sucks

Posted on May 04, 2023

People don't move because it's fun. People move because their lives have changed.

They get married.

Had kids. 

Kids moved out.

Parents need to move in.

You don't like your neighbourhood.

Need a backyard.

Want more storage.

Job relocation. 

All of these reasons motivate people to sell and buy a new home.

The Seller takes on a lot of hard work having to prep the...

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Client: "Can I place an offer on two properties at the same time and see which one accepts it?"

Posted on Apr 27, 2023

Me: "Can you afford to give two deposits if they both accept your offer? Better yet, can you afford to buy two houses at the same time?"

If it's a no, then don't do it.

Here's the thing. 

As buyers, when you're placing an offer, you're acting in "good faith".

The seller doesn't know you from a hole in the wall. 

They have no choice but to blindly trust yo...

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Check out these 5 tips to help you save for a down payment

Posted on Apr 20, 2023

One of the biggest hurdles for homebuyer's is making sure they have the required downpayment.

99% of Canadians have the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions about managing their money.

However, it still takes an average of 5 years to save that downpayment. 

In order to make sure your time is well spent (in this case - saved) make sure you're...

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