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It's important to work with an experienced REALTOR® when selling your most valuable asset. Selling your home takes preparation, organization and professional marketing.

Take a look at the 5 steps I use in my Creating Comfort System to help my clients buy and sell.


Deciding to sell your current home and find one better suited for you and your
family is a big decision. It can be a scary and exciting one. I’m here to streamline your
experience. I’ll help create the comfort you and your family desire.

Let’s sit down and have a chat. I’ll discover your wants and needs for your new home.
We’ll determine if you need a mortgage, down payment amount, and all the closing
costs to expect. Then, I’ll tour your home which will help me prepare a list price.

This helps me customize a plan that’s right for you and your family. We know what
you want in your new home. We know how much you can afford. We’re on the same
page. This will act as our guide so we can focus on the important things step by step.

STEP TWO. Stage. Show. Sell.:

There are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare your home. Curb appeal is important.
It’s the first impression your buyer will have. Make sure to mow the lawn, pull weeds,
and plant flowers. You’ll need to declutter your home by boxing up all non-essential
items. Remove any personalized items. This will allow buyers to envision themselves
living there. I’ll guide you with any staging techniques. Suggest any repairs. I have a
referral list with many professionals to help if needed. Finally, the house will need a
deep clean.

By this time your home is show home ready, we’re ready to list! We’ll complete the
listing paperwork. Order the sign install. Put the lockbox up for Realtors’ easy access.
I’ll be the contact for any showing requests. When we receive offers I will notify you
immediately. We will discuss the negotiation strategy and secure the best offer.
We need to focus on your home’s presentation. If we limit the number of repairs
needed we have more negotiating power. When we show our best we attract strong


Congratulations! Your buyers have waived their conditions. They’ve now
bought your home. It’s time for us to start shopping for your new home.
I will email you a list of properties that match your criteria. Let me know
which ones you want to see and I will book showings. There may be two
or more showings on the same day. Seeing a few properties can be boring
for some kids. I’ll help by asking them to be my assistant for the day.
They’ll help me show you the homes. I’ll supply a clipboard and pen and
encourage them to take any notes they feel are important. I’ll also have
snacks and colouring books on standby.

Once we find your perfect home we’re ready to place an offer. We’ll
negotiate deposit, possession, price, terms, conditions, and unattached
goods. The moment you and the seller agree and sign the offer we are
pending. You will now work on satisfying your conditions. Conditions are
usually house inspection and financing. Once satisfied, you can remove
your conditions. The home is now sold to you!

You need to be able to concentrate during our showings. I will help keep
your little ones entertained if needed. That way you can get the most out
of each house we see.

STEP FOUR. Pack it up, pack it in.

Woo hoo! You’ve sold your home and bought your new one.
Now we wait for possession day. But, we aren’t finished yet.
It’s time to start packing up your belongings and preparing
for your move. I’ll send you a list to help make things easier.
It’ll have reminders such as securing house insurance on the
new home and address change. It’ll guide you on how to
pack up and clean the rest of the home so possession day is
seamless. You’ll also find contact info for moving companies.

Two weeks before possession, your lawyer will contact you
to sign the rest of the paperwork. You’ll need to bring a copy
of the house insurance and two pieces of ID to the meeting.
Once you’re done signing with your lawyer we wait until
possession day.

Packing can be chaotic. Having a list will help you stay on
track. It can help reduce the anxiety that can build up during
the process. This will ensure possession day is as smooth as

STEP FIVE. Keys please:

The key release is around noon on possession day. As soon as I receive confirmation
from the lawyer, I’ll meet you at your new home with the key. We’ll tour the home
together to make sure everything looks well. If there are any last-minute issues
we’ll get them dealt with immediately.

After possession, I’ll regularly follow up with you. You can expect to hear from me
a month, six months, and yearly. I want to make sure all is going well. I’m here to
help you and your family with your real estate needs even after closing. Now is the
time for you and your family to celebrate your new home! CONGRATULATIONS!

Waiting for keys is exciting and nerve-racking. I’ll be with you the whole way
making sure your new home is ready for you to move in.

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