We need a bigger home. Where do we start?

If you own your current home, you'll probably start to think about whether or not you should rent it out or sell it. 

If you sell it, you need to make sure you qualify for a new mortgage. 

Your first step is to reach out to your mortgage broker. (I can refer if you need)

Keep in mind, you could be denied a new mortgage, or the mortgage amount you're wanting, if you have a high debt load and your credit has been hurt by some missed payments, etc.

If you're renting and want to purchase a bigger home, you'll need to see how much you qualify for. 

You'll need to know how much of a downpayment you'll need and additional costs to prepare for closing. 

I always suggest talking to your mortgage broker first and get your pre-approval in place before making any decisions. 

Once your pre-approved with your mortgage broker, contact me and we'll get started on the exciting journey of finding your new home.