What if we don't find a home we love?

A very common concern among home buyers I've worked with.

I mean, it's the most expensive thing you'll ever buy. 

It has the ability to be one of the best appreciating assets you'll own.

So worrying about being able to find the right home is a big deal.

I can tell you, through personal experience, that EVERY TIME I have a client ready to buy a home they find a home they love.

It may not have been within the first week of searching. Some took months. Others took a year or longer.

In some cases I've found homes that exactly matched my clients wish list.

Other times, clients bought homes they didn't realize they liked until viewing them.

You're probably thinking...

How is it possible we've batted 100% every time?

It's not because I'm magical.

It's because THEY were ready to buy mentally and financially.

They were prepared.

They listened to my guidance.

I used my knowledge, network, and services to help them.

They got their pre-approval in place for their mortgage.

Then I set them up on a personalized property search.

I prep them to be ready to see homes that come on market within 24 hours or less, regardless of the market.

They keep their finances in order while house hunting. This helps prevent any issues obtaining a mortgage once we've found "the one''.

Once you've whole-heartedly decided to buy, it all falls into place.

Are we even human if we haven't worried a bit about being able to find a home we love?

Don't let the worry stop you and don't be hard on yourself if you find yourself worrying about this.

DO reach out, if you're looking to buy and we can get started!