5 mistakes you're probably making if you're getting ready to sell

 1. Not preparing for closing costs

When getting ready to sell your home with a Realtor you need to prepare for:

- Realtor's commission
- lawyer fees
- outstanding Property tax
- moving costs
- Hiring cleaners for a move-out/move-in clean
- utility hook up fees at new home
- rerouting your mail

Ensure you have at least 1-2% of the purchase price ready to help with your closing costs.

2. Not staging your home

Some people are so attached to their things they don't realize it's too much clutter in a space. Make sure you have your Realtor come and give advice on what you to do to ensure your home shows well. When it shows better your home will sell quicker and for top dollar.

3. Setting an unrealistic price 

A lot of my sellers are aware of their market value when we discuss pricing. But, there are some that feel because they want to pay off credit cards and they raised their kids there, their home is worth more. Unfortunately, those items have no bearing on market value. However, it does tell me how important your home is to you and I make sure I take extra good care of you and your home in the sale.

4. Not using professional photography

If you're not using professional photography you may as well not even compete. Your home will not show well online. You may get an offer eventually, but it won't be as good as you'd like. The value of your home is a buyers perception of it. If you're thinking it sounds pricey, I cover the cost of a pro photographer in my services, not to worry!

5. Not getting advice before doing a bunch of renovations

The worst thing you could do is put a lot of money into home renovations because you think you'll "make money". You may get more money in the sale, BUT, you most likely won't recoup, or make money. If you're planning on making money, it's most likely not a good idea to do major renovations unless a major repair is needed. Make sure to consult with your Realtor before committing to any time consuming, costly reno's.

DM if you're thinking of selling this year!