Edmonton, how do you know if you priced your home well?

The right price is the key to attracting buyers and ultimately leading to the sale of your home.  

When a home sells within the first week I hear sellers say, "we should've priced it higher".

Here's the thing. You only get ONE shot at it. 

There's really no way to know "IF" you priced it higher would you have got more?

If your home sold, then you know that the list price brought you an offer that you accepted. 

If you priced it $10,000+ higher it could've knocked your buyer out of their price range. 

Or, you could've eventually needed to do a price reduction.

If you're sitting on the market longer then the average days it takes for a property like yours to sell, then you're most likely priced too high.

If you're listed on the MLS and haven't had any showings in the first two weeks, you're most likely priced too high.

Often times, your buyer is already in the market and waiting for a home like yours. When this happens, the buyer will move quickly placing an offer...when it's priced right.

I have to focus heavily on the "right pricing" when listing a property. I always want to maximize the sale for my sellers.

If we list too high, we run the risk of losing interested buyers. 

If you have a lot of price reductions buyers take that as an opportunity to low ball. 

Also, too many price reductions leads buyers to think there's something wrong with the property.

We see a lot of different emotions attached to the numbers with Buyers and Sellers.

It's important we rely on factual data of recent solds and active competition to reach the right list price for your property.

Being realistic with pricing is the only way to sell the property.

As always, I'm here to help! DM me if you're thinking of selling!