10 major mistakes some buyers make when upsizing their homes

1. Overextending Finances: Buying a larger home leads to higher mortgage payments, property taxes, and maintenance costs. Some buyers stretch their budgets too thin.

2. Ignoring Future Needs: Failing to consider long-term needs can be a mistake. Make sure the upsized home suits your family's needs as it grows.

3. Neglecting Location: Focusing solely on the size of the home and not considering the neighborhood, schools, and commute can lead to regrets.

4. Not Getting Pre-Approved: Skipping the pre-approval process can result in disappointment when you find a home you love but can't secure financing.

5. Skipping the Inspection: Skipping a thorough home inspection can lead to unexpected repair costs and issues after moving in.

6. Not Factoring in Maintenance: Larger homes often require more maintenance and upkeep, which can strain both time and finances.

7. Overlooking Resale Value: Failing to consider the resale value of the home can be a mistake. Trends change, and you may need to sell the property in the future.

8. Underestimating Moving Costs: Upsizing usually means more belongings, which can lead to higher moving costs that buyers don't anticipate.

9. Not Considering Energy Efficiency: Larger homes can have higher utility bills if they lack energy-efficient features. It's important to factor in these costs.

10. Rushing the Decision: Making a hasty purchase decision without thoroughly researching and comparing options can lead to buyer's remorse.

Having an experienced Realtor guiding you through the process will help avoid some mistakes you wouldn't otherwise consider.

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