Here's what you can do when your budget doesn't align with the home you want 

My clients start to consider upsizing when they're realizing they need more room.

Not being able to afford a bigger home when you need it can be discouraging.

More room usually means a higher purchase price. 

But not always. 

There's ways around upsizing that won't break the bank if you're willing to consider other options:

- Prioritize Needs vs. Wants: separate desirable items from the essential ones. This can help you focus on the most critical aspects within your budget.

- Explore Different Neighbourhoods: this is a big one! Look at neighbourhoods that might offer similar amenities or lifestyle but at a more affordable price. A slight shift in location can make a significant difference in costs.

- Consider a Fixer-Upper: Look for properties that require some renovation. It can be an opportunity to get a bigger home at an affordable price. As you renovate over time, it can lead to an increase in value!

- Don't be afraid to negotiate: Working closely with your Realtor to help you negotiate the best deal. Sellers may be willing to adjust the price, especially if there are factors like a longer closing period or minor repairs.

- Explore Financing Options: Investigate different financing options with your mortgage broker. They can help you find favourable terms which may help stretch your budget.

- Be Patient and Prepared: Real estate markets fluctuate and new properties can hit the market at anytime. Waiting for the right opportunity can lead to a better deal.

Don't give up on comfort quite yet. DM me if you're thinking of upsizing!