Edmonton, here's how you know if the home you're buying is worth it!

How's the location? 

Is it close to amenities, good schools, and safe neighbourhoods? Are there upcoming developments that could affect the home's value? 

How's the property condition? 

Is it well-maintained, or does it need major TLC? With a home inspection you'll be able to determine whether the property is in need of major repair.

What's the market saying? (This is the biggest factor)

Research the similar homes in the area and see what they're selling for. Make sure you're allowing for the addition and subtraction of major differences such as square footage, # of bedrooms, # of bathrooms, etc. (Your Realtor is the perfect person to help you with that)

 ROI: Consider the potential return on investment. Will this property increase in value over time? Some properties increase in value better than others, ie. Condo's vs single family properties.

And there you have it! 

These points will help you feel more confident knowing your property is worth the money you're spending! 

DM me if you're thinking of buying or selling and we can chat about the process I use to help my clients.