Here's what all my clients have in common 

1. They're ready to buy/sell

You're probably thinking, duh, that's why they came to you for help. But, not everyone that reaches out to me is ready to buy or sell. 

Some just like to view homes for fun. 

Some just like to chat with a Realtor. I had one lady call me and tell me she had 13 Realtors "working" for her. I honestly think she just reached out because she was lonely and wanted someone to talk to. We did chat for an hour and a half, and you know I gave her all the advice I could think of to help her out.

As a Realtor, I'm paid commission at the END of our job. Technically, my time is free until I complete the job I'm hired to do. 

2. They're teachable

When buying or selling property, there's so much to know. There's some information that my clients will already know and more that will be learned along the way.

When I have clients that are teachable, it makes for a much smoother experience. They're able to go with the flow because I prepare them for different scenarios. They understand what to look for in their home. They know how to protect their investment because my team and I help guide them. 

The ones who "know it all" usually don't have a great experience because it seems to be their way or the highway. In negotiation, we must be able to see a collective view, not just our own.

3. They see their bigger picture

I always base my advice on the resale ability when guiding my clients. I want to make sure they're investing in a home that will make them happy now AND won't be a tough sale when the time comes.

Retirement is looking a lot more expensive every day. So I want to ensure my clients real estate assets will not hinder their ability to maximize on the sale.

You don't have to own numerous amounts of property. Having one you can bank on will help give you cushion when the time comes.

As always, I'm hear to help. Reach out if you're thinking of buying or selling and let's have a chat!