Will you experience "Buyer's Remorse"?

A lot of buyers experience "buyers remorse" after purchasing a property.

It's that feeling of regret right after you make the purchase. 

The “what-if?"...

"What if a better home hits the market?"

"What if we negotiated differently?"

"What if we don't like our neighbours?"

These are normal thoughts.

So, how do you comfortably get through the process knowing you may have some regret? 

Gather as much knowledge as you can.

Make sure you are ready to make the change.

Work through the emotional detachment and start envisioning where you want to be.

Get excited about it!

Invite your Realtor over to discuss your options and plans for your future.

Make sure you consult with your mortgage broker so you know what mortgage amount you can get approved for.

Confirm any penalty amount and the amount left owing on a mortgage, if you currently own a home you want to sell.

You want to ensure the numbers work for you and your plan.

Having your questions answered and a plan in place will help curb any regret you may feel.

Reach out if you're considering making a move, I'm here to help!