Consider this when choosing the best siding for your home:

I love the look of a brick home.

If done right, it can last over 100 years!

Bricks are flame retardant and noncombustible.

Homes with a brick exterior are valued higher because of the cost, curb appeal and durability.

Hardie Board/fiber cement siding is another great option.

It has a lot more colour options and styles than brick offers.

It comes in shingle, lap, or vertical styles.

However, the cost of brick and Hardie Board is not always in the budget.

Aluminum siding is an option you don't see it around too much anymore. 

Mostly because it's more prone to scratches and dents compared to alternative siding materials. It's an affordable option.

Wood siding is costly and the maintenance can be tiring. 

Some styles need to be stained every two to three years to prevent moisture damage.

If painted, should be reapplied every four to five years.

Wood attracts termites. Wood peckers.

If cracked or rotted, it needs to be replaced immediately to prevent interior mold growth.

Some wood shingles and shakes can increase the cost of home insurance have poor flame spread fire ratings.

Vinyl siding is the most cost friendly siding.

Most of Alberta's homes are finished with vinyl siding. It won’t warp, rot, or chip.

Vinyl siding won’t rust or conduct electricity.

If a baseball hits it, the plastic simply bounces back.

It also holds up against the elements since it’s rain, sun, and wind resistant. 

However, if a panel is damaged, it's difficult to replace an individual panel.

The colour can fade, and there could be potential cracking in extremely cold weather.

Before making your decision, compare the cost of material and installation vs the long term maintenance and durability.

As always, I'm here to help if you want to discuss