How to create storage in a small home

You're going to end up using a lot of unnecessary floor space if you don't have dedicated storage space.

This could cause you to feel claustrophobic. 

It could even make you feel unhappy in your home.
Decluttering is your first step. 

Do you really need all the knick knacks that you haven't used in years? 

To help minimize future decluttering you want to be choosy about what items you allow into your home.

Let's face it, you'll need to declutter again in the future. It's a constant battle.

Once you're left with the absolute "must-keep" items you can begin to organize your space.

The key to storage in small spaces is to use as much vertical space as possible.

Shelving is your friend. 

TV shelving units. 

Shelving for toys, clothes, books, pots, pans.

Closet organizers are your friend. 

You can store lots of items in closets with the right shelving system. 

You can also buy furniture with storage. 

There's lots of options out there when you start looking! Happy decluttering!