Buyer/owner: It’s my house, I'll do what I want with it!

Well, sort of. On the interior maybe, depending on the property type... You can paint, change finishings in mostly all property types.

If it's a condominium, you need board approval before doing anything outside of paint on the walls.

Apartment condominiums even have their own rules on the type of flooring and installation requirements you can use for soundproofing.

The reality is, you need to understand what you're buying. 

If you want to run a business out of your home, you need to make sure zoning allows for that.

If there are restrictive covenants on your title, you need to understand what they mean.

For example, you may only be allowed to change your door colour to a colour of the original builders preference.

Your homes location may be apart of a homeowners association, and they have their own requirements, including an extra cost to live in that location!

Ultimately, if the property you're considering to buy has restrictions, make sure they don't effect your future plans for the property.

As always, I'm here to guide you through your purchase. DM me to get started