Client: "Can I place an offer on two properties at the same time and see which one accepts it?"

Me: "Can you afford to give two deposits if they both accept your offer? Better yet, can you afford to buy two houses at the same time?"

If it's a no, then don't do it.

Here's the thing. 

As buyers, when you're placing an offer, you're acting in "good faith".

The seller doesn't know you from a hole in the wall. 

They have no choice but to blindly trust your intentions when they accept your offer.

Your offer states you are contractually promising the Seller you'll do everything in your power to purchase the property.

If you have conditions, your Realtor would have ensured you have time to complete them before you buy the home. 

Some people think buyers conditions are a loophole for the buyer to back out. 

They are not.

If you have placed a financing and house inspection condition and they don't work out, you have a reason to back out of the offer.

But it's not okay to lie about it.

Some people may think it's a soft mindset. 

Some people think it's just business.

It's not.

It's bad business.

Imagine you're the seller and a buyer was playing you like that.

Placing offers on different properties, at the same time, messes with people's lives. 

If you think I'm being dramatic, you probably haven't experienced selling your home before.

There's so many emotions, planning and worry that are involved in a sale. 

Don't be that person!