The top 10 things buyers worry about when buying a home

1. Affordability - will I be able to afford the new home and the associated costs?

2. Location - is the neighbourhood good? I wonder what the schools are like?

3. Space - will I get enough space for my family and a layout that works for us?

4. Maintenance - will there be a lot of costs and time needed to maintain this new home?

5. Amenities - how long will it take me to get to grocery stores or parks?

6. Home Safety - is this new home up to code? Were the necessary permits pulled when the renovations were done?

7. Resale Value - will my new home appreciate in value over time?

8. Commute - is the drive to work/school going to work with our schedule?

9. Storage - is there enough storage for my family’s belongings?

10. Repairs - will I have a lot of unforeseen costly repairs in our new home?

If these worry you, you're a critical thinker. That's an awesome skill to have!

These concerns are all valid and need to be addressed.

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars is serious. Naturally you'll be cautious of what you buy. 

With your critical thinking and help of your Realtor, you'll be able to make the best decision for you.

Contact me if you're looking for a Realtor to help you buy and we can get started!