Here are 3 things YOU CAN DO to prepare for the real costs of upsizing. 

As your family grows, deciding to buy a bigger home is natural. You need more space.
But, space isn't the only thing you should consider before deciding to upsize.
When you buy a bigger home there are extra costs to consider.
There'll be more home maintenance costs. A higher tax bill and more utilities.
You'll need more furniture to fill more rooms.
Here are 3 things you can do to get ready for that upsize. 
1. Create a budget for your new home. This will help prepare you for your extra cost.
Ask the current homeowners for the amounts of their utility bills.
2. Speak to your lender about what extra costs will incur.
This budget should help you relieve any extra worry about the cost of upsizing.
3. Find a realtor who will respect your needs and help find you the best fit within your means.