If you are thinking of upsizing, here’s 4 things to help you decide.

Moving is a big decision. One you don’t want to regret. Here are four questions I tell my clients to ask themselves first:

1. Can you handle the extra costs of buying a bigger home?

Once you buy a bigger home your mortgage payment will increase. Knowing you can afford a higher mortgage is necessary. You'll also have extra costs such as utilities, taxes, and maintenance. Being house poor is a horrible situation to be in so avoid it at all costs.

2. Do I need more square footage or more bedrooms?

Figuring out what you need in your new home is an important step. It will make your home buying experience a lot easier. If you don't, you could be wasting your time on properties that won't cut it. More bedrooms and bathrooms is usually why people buy a new home. But, sometimes the layout is more important than the bigger square footage.

3. Is location important to you?

Some buyers will choose a house because it's close to a school they want their kids to attend. If a specific location is important to you, make sure to look at the homes in the area first. If the ones in your area don't meet your needs consider the surrounding areas. Sometimes you'll need to wait for the right home to come up in your area.

4. Are you willing to clean more?

With bigger homes comes more upkeep. There's a bigger yard to mow, more bathrooms to clean, more floors to mop. Do you have the extra time? Will you need to consider hiring a cleaner? Are you capable of handling the extra work? There's a solution to every issue. Preparing for the change is the best way to go. 

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